Jan 13

MechCity: X-Deer Set

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The X-Deer Mech comes to Mech City once a year bringing with it both toys and festive destruction! Perfect for decorating your Mech City playset or your desk, this set is sure to please fans of jolly elves as well as armored animal toys from the 80s.

This set includes the following:
* a fat bearded pilot
* a no bearded helper
* arms (right and left)
* torso
* legs
* cockpit
* neck
* head/canopy
* 4 seater sled
* tree
* toy sack
* drill attachment
* sai weapon (print 2 to use as antlers)
* 2 different weapon grips for the mech, 1 w/ a post, and 1 w/ a socket

I’ve test printed the parts using a Lulzbot Mini with the following settings:
* Material: ABS
* layer height: 0.18mm
* Fill: 15%
* temp: 250 (bed: 110)
* speed: 50
* supports to bed only (no raft or brim) for select parts

* The head/canopy needs supports as well as tree, and toy sack; but all the other parts will print support free *

I recommend using supports for the the people as well. They are small and might be okay, but who wants droopy arms. Also, the supports will help hold the model up if you fear those little pegs getting knocked over during the print.

The drill can be used as a large decorated tree as well as attached to the PushGrip to be used as a drill weapon for the mech. The small tree can be attached to the SocketGrip for the a smaller version. The sled has a socket on the front and can be pulled by the MotorCycle from the Vehicle Pack.

If you’d like to download these files to print yourself, they can be found here: