Jul 01

Patreon is Go!

I’ve setup a Patreon Page, how exciting! If you like what I do and wish to support my efforts then please consider contributing on my Patreon campaign. I’m doing things like live broadcasts and chats while I work in CAD, or printing or whatever as well as offering downloads of my Beta files before they are available to the public as well as files that won’t be made available for free to higher tier supporters.

Your contributions go towards purchasing more materials and development of new projects allowing me to create more cool stuff for you guys.
Soon, I’m planning on opening up a shop that will allow you to purchase 3D prints of my toys direct and your monthly Patreon contribution will be viewed as a discount on orders for the $5 tier and up. Not finalized, but I’m thinking of offering the toys in “raw” (right off the print bed), “complete” (assembled and detailed), and “vapor ware” (acetone vapor treated) so there will be different price points depending on how finished a product you want.

Thank you for your consideration, it really means a lot to me ^__^