Jan 13

MechCity: Stealth Mech

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The Stealth Mech is ready for any silent but deadly missions in the shadows you have in Mech City with it’s swords and throwing stars as well as it’s nimble cat-like reflexes. The Stealth Mech comes with the Hunter peg people. The Hunters work behind the scenes to make sure that justice is always done.. for a price 😉

This set includes the following:
* Hunters (6 Mech City People)
* arms (right and left)
* torso
* legs
* cockpit
* neck
* head/canopy
* sword
* throwing star

I’ve test printed the parts using a Lulzbot Mini with the following settings:
* Material: ABS
* layer height: 0.18mm
* Fill: 15%
* temp: 250 (bed: 110)
* speed: 50

* The head/canopy might need supports if you’re nervous (I was), but all the other parts will print support free *

I recommend using supports for the the people as well. They are small and might be okay, but who wants droopy arms. Also, the supports will help hold the model up if you fear those little pegs getting knocked over during the print.

If you’d like to download these files to print yourself, they can be found here: