Jan 13

MechCity: Construction Mech

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The Construction Mech set includes the Mech as well as accessories for the Mech to use or share with other sets to combine in different ways. This set also includes all the Construction Worker People from the People Pack.

This set includes the following:
* Construction Crew (6 Mech City People)
* arms (right and left)
* fuel tank back pack
* torso
* tread legs
* cockpit
* neck
* head/canopy
* Construction Gun
* Crane Half (print 2)
* EquipGrip
* Clobber Fist
* Spanner

The Clobber Fist can be used like brass knuckles on the Mech, or can be combined with the spanner, 2 crane halves, and Construction Gun for a Wrecking Ball weapon for the Mech. The Wrecking Ball crane can also be used with the Tank Tread vehicle from the Vehicle pack as a Construction Crane.

If you’re interested in downloading these files to print yourself, they can be found here: