RevoFrame: Commando Files


You've downloaded the RevoFrame Chassis system for free, but it's naked and you need some armor and weapons? The Commando add-on provides lots of armor parts and weapons that you can use in multiple ways, it also included cockpit parts to keep your pilot safe!


Armor up your RevoFrame for a covert mission deep behind enemy lines! It’s the RevoFrame Commando set ready to get the mission done, no matter the stakes whether it’s long range reconnaissance and target elimination, close quarters combat in tight situations, or up close and personal melee combat. This mech will get it done.

This set includes the following files for you to 3D print at home:

  • Alternate Feet
  • Long Range Communications Antenna
  • Chest plate with hinged cockpit (single and 2 part versions)
  • Back plate with 5 mounting points
  • Hinged Shoulder plates
  • Groin plate with 2 hip mounting points
  • Butt plate with 2 mounting points
  • Piston medium armor
  • Medium plate armor
  • Medium guard armor
  • Long Guard armor
  • Ankle armor
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Knife
  • Sword with hilt
  • Blaster
  • Blaster Shoulder Stock
  • Blaster Assault Barrel attachment
  • Blaster Sniper Barrel attachment
  • Blaster Sniper ammo clip

All weapons can store on the Frame’s back with the included mounting brackets:

This set requires the RevoFrame Chassis set, available for free exclusively through
Compatible with the MechCity People Pack for pilots and maintenance crew.

Printing Recommendations

I really do NOT recommend using PLA AT. ALL. for this project. Given the clippy nature of the pins, you’re just asking for them to snap off and break inside of the ports while you’re trying to put them together. I’ve done all of my printing with ABS. For my development and testing I use a Lulzbot Mini with the following settings:

  • Layer Height: 0.18mm
  • Shell Thickness: 2mm
  • Bottom/Top Layer Thickness: 2mm
  • Fill: 20%
  • Material: ABS (Gizmodorks)
  • Speed: 50mmps
  • Temp: 250c
  • Bed: 110c

due to the nature of different printers and different filament manufacturers, your mileage may vary so use what works best for you. Your tolerances may also vary from what I’ve been able to produce.


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