Jan 12

MechCity: City Playset

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The Mech City Play Set contains hex tiles of different count sizes, roads and overpasses, and a modular building that can be assembled in a number of different ways. The printed hexes are about 70mm (~2.75″) across and will quickly fill up a shelf. The hex tiles and city buildings and roads would work well for a miniatures game board, though you’d have to experiment to see how small you can get everything.

Note: For the basic building you’ll need to print 4 of side.stl
all of the parts have some texturing on the bed side of the model to make them easier to get off the build plate, keep it in mind if you have issues w/ parts sticking already. I also went through an entire roll of PLA printing out everything shown so you could try lowering the infill or shell thickness if you want to be more conservative with your material usage and print times. Due to my printer’s build size, I was unable to print any of the hex tiles larger than the hex-2 so the larger ones are still untested.. :/

if you’d like to download and print your own set, the files can be downloaded from here: