Oct 26

Hey Justin, Joachim, and/or Tim; I have a quick question……

Hey Justin, Joachim, and/or Tim; I have a quick question… I realized that I forgot a page in the rule book on Pilots. So I’ve currently got it so that you can eject any time, your turn or not. And on your turn you can attempt to hijack another Roller. If successful then the current pilot is ejected and you take over the Roller and get to take a free turn w/ that Roller. I figure that if I don’t do that and instead end the turn then on the ejected pilots turn they can attempt to hijack the Roller back and you could end up just swapping back and forth forever..

HOWEVER, with the rules as they currently are, you could theoretically maneuver your Roller next to your target, eject, hijack the target Roller, then use it’s weapons to kill the ejected pilot.

It’s admittedly hard to pull off, and is a super dick move, but it’s possible with these rules. Thoughts? Should I keep the rules like that but not spell out that such a thing is possible, or should I change it so that the turn ends once you jump into a Roller (to reboot the system or something)

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